Our terms

Terms & Conditions July 2020

What is covered:

As a Guide – I will guide as per itinerary. This may involve a walking tour or a coach tour. As a member of STGA (Scottish Tourist Guide Association), I am covered by their public liability insurance.

As a Driver Guide* – I am covered by insurance known as “hire and reward” which is a legal requirement for all guides who drive clients.

As a Tour manager – I manage the tour as per itinerary e.g. time management.

As Itinerary planner – prior to tour, I can advise on proposed itinerary or make recommendations for alterations where appropriate.

What is not covered:

Clients cover their own expenditure on food / refreshments/ accommodation.

There may also be ferry or admission charges on certain tours.


A deposit of 10% is requested where expenses have been incurred in advance, where itinerary planning has been provided or the client has had no previous bookings. These terms are negotiable.


Full day Tours: Full fee is payable if tour is cancelled less than 14 days prior to tour date.

Half day Tours: if less than 7 days’ notice of cancellation is given, a fee of 50% will be payable. If less than 24 hours, full fee will be payable.

Extended Tours (tours of more than one day) : if less than 30 days’ notice is
given, a fee of 50% will be payable. If less than 14 days, , full fee will be


My rates for 2021 will be as per 2020 & STGA recommendations
Half Day (4 hours) – £160 – £180
Full Day (8 hours) – £250 – £280
Driver* (4 hours) – £ 350 – 380
Full Day (8 hours) – £480 – 540