Themed Tours


Scottish food and drink is world famous and our tours can help you seek out and find some of the less well known treasures – as well as the more familiar ones of course!
As well as exploring the great tastes behind a lot of Scottish products lies a long history with many interesting stories and facts which a tour guide is well placed to explain.


Ayrshire is the birthplace of Rabbie Burns – our National Bard.
Apart from Alloway, this tour includes the Bachelor’s club at Tarbolton, Burns Museum in Mauchline & further south to Dumfries (Burns burial place).


Ayrshire is famous for its history of curling & its tradition of excellent curlers. (Think of the Winter Olympics 2022). Ailsa Craig an island off the Ayrshire coast where the microgranite used in curling stones comes from. The stones are made in Mauchline by Kays.
What an opportunity to find out about this island & curling stones.


You name it Scotland has it. Every type of landscape from the beautiful glaciated mountains, the hundreds of lochs, rivers, firths of the Highlands. The coasts & the rolling hills of the Lowlands. Arran, the island in the Firth of Clyde is known as ‘Scotland in miniature’. A Tour to Arran is an excellent tour which provides a Taste of Scotland.

Genealogy tours

Popular requests are those researching their ancestors. If your family history includes a Scottish connection our experienced guide will be able to compose a tour that includes visits to places and areas connected to your family history. Common requests for the South West of Scotland include the following family names:
Maxwells – Galloway
Hamilton – Ayrshire
Kennedy – Carrick, Ayrshire. This is one of the most popular ones with many castles in Ayrshire connected to the Kennedy Clan.


As a fully qualified Blue Badge Tourist Guide, I am qualified to guide throughout Scotland.

Extended tours can last up to 10 days or more and allow you to travel more extensively across Scotland. These cover many parts of Scotland from Stranraer in South west to Skye or the Shetland Islands.

I have been very lucky to take tours recently by Irish tourism which has mostly American clients. Photographic tours have taken me to Glencoe, Mull or the Cairngorms.

The starting point can be from hotels, main cities (e.g. Glasgow or Edinburgh), stations or airports.


What kind of tour do you want? Tours can be planned to suit the client in terms of length, cost, destination, method of travel.


Apart from tourist guiding, other services are provided:-

The aim is to make your trip to Scotland, more interesting, more enjoyable and as relaxed as possible – all great reasons for ‘Seeing Scotland with a Guide’!

The starting point can be from hotels, main cities ( e.g. Glasgow or Edinburgh) , stations or airports.